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Coworking space has rapidly become the workplace of new generation of workers. The internet, powerful gadgets, and digital economy platforms have opened a new possibilities of how people work. People now can choose to work in more dynamic environments with more flexibility, rather than confined in dull office spaces in a strict work hour. Coworking spaces also offer more opportunities for their members to meet different kind of people and develop new skills and knowledge as people grow their businesses inside coworking spaces.
Coworking spaces originally started when startups needed more affordable place to start their companies, and they need to be flexible enough to be used in any stage of their growth. The coworking spaces now have evolved to become the alternative environment for working and starting a business or a business unit. Corporates and governments are now starting to recognize coworking spaces as the creative and innovation hubs, and many larger companies have started to embrace coworking space culture, mostly by creating a coworking-like environment in their buildings or allowing their employees to work in coworking spaces. Because today everyone needs innovations to compete, and coworking space proved to be the best environment for innovation.

Among so many possibilities and approaches of running a coworking space, generally it is accepted that at least there are 3 important aspects in running a coworking space business. They are facilities, programs, and hospitality management.

CoSystem is a management information system specially made to effectively manage coworking spaces, maker spaces and event spaces. It is based on proven hospitality management SOPs and real cases of coworking operations, and designed to be easily used with minimum trainings and setup.
Besides management tools for coworking spaces operators, we also give more values to coworking members by providing various applications that members can use to improve their work and communications between them.
Based on web technologies, the system can be implemented rapidly without needing any costly local server or office staff just to maintain the whole system. Our offerings include online maintenance and hotline.
CoSystem is a result of cooperation between coworking and IT communities in Bandung, Indonesia. It is now an independent startup with a vision to serve coworking communities and startup ecosystem locally and globally.

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User Friendly

It is based on proven hospitality management SOPs and real cases of coworking operations, and designed to be easily used with minimum trainings and setup

Powerful &


Based on web technologies, the system can be implemented rapidly without needing any costly local server or office staff just to maintain the whole system


We've got a lot of amazing and cool features

Manage your space easily

In this new era of community-driven and shared economy, coworking spaces are the future of workplaces and innovations. And it needs to be managed as good as any other businesses. CoSystem gives you ability to manage and review your products, services, assets, and reports easily at anytime and anywhere

Focus on your
programs and members

The most important aspects of every coworking spaces are its programs and members. CoSystem makes sure you can easily manage your members, programs, and activities without spending too much time in administrative works and reports

Your data is yours and secure

A big concern for managing your company's data over the cloud is security and reliability. We make sure that you can access and download your data at anytime, and we use the newest security protocols to keep your online data secure and inaccessible to anyone but you

Extra facilities for members

We understand from the very beginning that supporting coworking communities cannot be only providing management tools for the operators, but we need to also provide various tools and applications for members so that they can work better inside coworking spaces


Check how this app looks like, it’s modern and cool

Our Goal

To create a comprehensive management information system for emerging co-working and co-living communities that is affordable and very simple to use, so that the coworking operators can reduce efforts for administration and can focus more on their programs and members.

More Features

We've got a lot of features, here are some more

Front Office

Intiuitive module for main activities at the front desk, including customer reception, cashier, RFID reader, food ordering, and petty cash management.

Member Management

Register new member, member card printing, review and manage existing member data.

Event Management

Easily create and manage events in your space, the data will be automatixally fetched to the Finance Module.

Point of Sales

Quickly input food order and create menu. This module works together with material management module for total control of your stock and sales.


COSYSTEM is the only coworking space management system with a comprehensive financial management that will help you to operate the business professionally.


Review your business with various operational and financial reports.

Booking System

Connect with your member through booking system and manage it to make a decision and member satisfaction.

Wifi Management

Easily manage wifi and bandwith for each member inside your coworking space. This feature requires a public IP address connected to your internal network.

RFID ready

Make your network more secure with RFID reader. This feature will prevent unauthorized access to your coworking space’ wifi network.

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We've got affordable pricing packages


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Rp. 500k /month * *depend on the number of member *term and condition apply
  • Front Office Module
  • Member Facilities Module


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*term and condition apply

  • Full Front Office Module
  • Full Back Office Module
  • Full Member Facilities Module

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